How Long Does It Take To Make Money Online

Impatience and Short Term Thinking Thinking Will Kill Your Business

I Would Love It If We Connected! Please Let Me Know Where you are at Right Now.

So exactly how long before I make money online? That was one of my first questions, when I would make a purchase of the next great idea to make money online.

Ok, but really,  how long will it take for me to make money online?

Well truthfully, there are many things that you will need to look at .

1. It depends on a whole host of variables... like niche selection, your skill level, and ....

2. Are you working long, hard and consistently. Creating content everyday?? Or NOT!!!

3. Have you been doing this long enough? Maybe not, Are you really building something, or has your focus been scattered among many different projects?? Are you stricken with SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME.

There is hope, No Worries. You are not alone, and once you have found a trusted training program, that will go away.

Look in the mirror.... Hard to do but you can do this.

All of these are killers. Assess where you really are right now, then contact me, I want to help. I will listen.

I really would love to know where you are today? What you believe are your shortcomings? Also please let me know If I can help you out in any way? Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel and write me at Digital High Road. I would love to hear from you.

George Drum

Digital High Road

About the Author

Finally I can say, "I have stopped searching for the next Great Money Making Thing"

For over the past decade I was buying the next Shiny Object. I was spending thousands of dollars, plus It makes me sick to think of all of my wasted time....

Time I will never get back....

But now I stick with a simple plan. One that I trust in, and then I Rinse and Repeat. Simple, but it takes work as I move forward.

I believe I can help you out by sharing what I now know.

Please let me know Where your struggles are.

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